Tube Work 

We perform tube replacement, rolled and welded.

Any Piece of Equipment, Any Size Tube

Our services include boiler tube repair to Firetube boilers, Watertube boilers, Heat Exchangers, and Economizers in various industries.  We stock various tube sizes in our Raleigh NC warehouse to provide fast turnaround and reduced downtime for our customers when we are needed.  Our boiler technicians can replace problem tubes or perform total tube replacements depending on what is needed. If the tubes leaking have not met their operational life expectancy we will assist in identifying the cause of damage to the tubes. 


Does the unit have a lot of scale build up on the tubes? It might be time to replace them, even if they are not leaking. Scale build up of only 1/4″ can reduce boiler efficiency by 25% leading to increased fuel costs and possible damage to the boiler. The scale on the tubes acts as an insulator for the tubes and decreases the ability of the water to carry the heat away from the tubes. While this decreases the efficiency of the boiler, it can also cause tubes and tube sheets to overheat. Contact us to learn more about this issue and the benefits of replacing scaled tubes.

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