Plastic Refractories 

Each refractory offers it’s unique purpose and environment. We can help you decide if plastic would best suit your needs.


 We install various types of plastic refractory by hand ramming or gunning. Gunned plastics are installed through pneumatic placement using high pressure air to push shredded plastic refractory through a material hose to install directly on furnace walls and roofs. Pneumatic placement is a great installation method for large scale jobs as it will cut down on shutdown time. When performing smaller jobs or patch work hand ramming is a better installation method. When either method is installed correctly, the customer should have a reliable efficient lining for years after.

Properly designed plastic refractory linings can be an excellent solution for your units needs. To most people involved with heat processing systems, refractory brings an image of fire brick as historically they were traditionally used for furnace linings. However, as industry changed downtime became critical to the manufacturing process and more plastic is used today to cut the downtime for the manufacturing process. Plastics are comparable to brick in service quality and offer many additional advantages. Plastic refractories are an unfired moldable material that is knitted into place using a pneumatic air rammer to create a monolithic lining with an anchoring system. Primary advantages to plastic refractories is that it can reduce construction cost, eliminate inventories of shapes, minimizes joints, and can save energy. Due to the monolithic nature of plastic refractories, the vulnerability to penetration of furnace gas, slag, or metal is minimized. Plastic refractory does not contain any cement which also reduces slag build up. 

Joe Moore and Company, Inc. is one of the largest plastic distributors in the Southeast. We keep a large inventory on hand to meet the growing demand of plastic refractory. 


Please contact us to assist with plastic material selection, lining design, and installation services. 

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