Furnace Cleaning 

Even though a furnace is a dirty place, understand the meaning and importance of keeping one clean.

Understand the Importance of a Clean Furnace

Keeping a furnace free of excess material and build up is key to running an efficient operation. Build up of ash and slag along furnace walls can redirect heat and gases from their designed path causing a multitude of issues. These issues may include but are not limited to, system blockages, change in pressures at multiple locations through the system, inefficient fuel burn, pollution and particulate control issues, and hot spots in the furnace.


Slag attached to refractory can damage the refractory lining of the unit resulting in unplanned and untimely repairs. “Clinkers” is the term given to a build up of ash, slag, and other byproducts produced from the burning of fuel in the furnace. Clinkers along furnace walls have the potential to fall and cause damage to grates and other areas as well as can be dangerous to employees during cool down for internal inspections. Clinkers that build up near a grate system can damage grates, create uneven fuel beds, and cause the furnace to be less efficient. 


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