Each unit offers it’s unique purpose and environment. We can help you decide which brick would best suit your needs.

One Brick at a Time

Serving industry since 1957, we have employed only top skilled brick masons to ensure our work is done correctly. Our brick services include full re-lines of units, patch work, baffle walls, arches, and more. 


Brick has its advantages. Brick is a manufactured material that is in various shapes and sizes within engineered standards pressed and shaped to specifications. Due to these reasons, brick linings are at uniform thickness and have little room for installation error. However, it takes extremely skilled refractory brick masons to install these linings correctly and due to its nature of installation process, it can create long outages for the work to be performed. Whether the customer’s unit requires a brick lining or the customer desires a brick lining, we have the skilled masons to perform the work and the engineers to select the materials accordingly. 


Please contact us to assist with brick material selection, lining design, and installation services. 

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