Castables, Gunnites, and Shotcretes

Whether it is gun, shot, pumped, or cast, there is a refractory castable for you.



 Our trained team will help you choose which material will best fit your needs. If you have a material in mind, we can install it! After a cast has been completed we can assist with the cure-in process. The cure-in is just as important as the installation and must be done properly for the longevity of your new refractory lining. 

 The casting process is taking dry refractory mix and mixing it using engineering specifications to create a “wet mix” and either hand cast or pumped cast to its designated location. The advantage to casting is in the right environment following engineering specification it will give you a consistent monolithic with the refractory properties that you are looking for. Some considerations when casting is the form work necessary for installation, the set times for castable to cure, and the removal of forms required. With a proper designed castable refractory lining, a cast system will surely give you years of reliable service. 

Please contact us to assist with cast material selection, lining design, and installation services. 



 Gunning is the process in which castable or special castable refractories a.k.a. gunnite refractories is a dry mix that is either pre-dampened or not, placed into a gunnite machine and high pressure air pneumatically pushes the material through the hose to the location of installation. The water and or other liquid is added at the nozzle by the nozzleman creating an efficient installation process. Advantage of the gunnite process are the quick set up, rapid material movement, and reduction of downtime. These advantages can be seen on small and large jobs. Things to consider, technology through the years have made gunnite extremely convenient to both the customer and the installer and has reduced dusting both at the machine and the nozzle. Materials have been improved to shorten heat up schedules and installation has become more consistent for the nozzleman to install a more consistent lining throughout the monolithic. 


Please contact us for gunning material selection, lining design, and installation services. 



 The shotcrete process is the process of mixing shotcrete castables in a mixer and adding water and or liquids to meet engineering specifications and sending the material directly to a pump, through the hose, and to the installation location where a nozzle man adds the activator and installs the product. The advantages to shotcrete are the water and or liquid is added to the mix at the mixer to a create a consistent monolithic product. Also, due to the nature of the pump it can be installed at very rapid rates creating less downtime. Things to consider include the cost of installation due to the required equipment to perform the job, and the amount of material needed to experience downtime advantages requires a minimum of a truckload of material and is recommended to be at least two truckloads. For a large job this lining should perform well due to its consistent properties. 


Please contact us for shotcrete material selection, lining design, and installation services. 


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