Pre-Krete tank linings last

Pre-Krete imparts no flavor or discoloration to water and it’s entirely non-toxic, making it a perfect option for lining hot water storage tanks. Pre-Krete is also durable and relatively maintenance free, so it’s also the perfect economical choice.

Joe Moore & Company installed this Pre-Krete tank lining in the early 1970′s in a college dormitory hot water storage tank. We had the chance to inspect the tank in January 2009, when it had to be drained so that external piping could be replaced. The Pre-Krete tank lining was still functional and looking good after thirty years of service. After the piping was replaced, the tank was closed up and filled again with hot water. The Pre-Krete still has many more years of trouble-free service!

tank linings After 30 years of use by college students, the Pre-Krete lining is still intact! No lining erosion and no corrosion despite decades of use. The rust residue on the tank bottom is from the corroded pipes.

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