Boiler Repair

firetube boiler repairJoe Moore & Company specializes in industrial steam boiler repair, including boiler and pressure vessel welding per National Board R stamp and alterations and fabrication per ASME S stamp. Our boilermakers and welders have decades of experience retubing boilers, rolling boiler tubes, replacing boiler casing, and troubleshooting wood-fired boiler combustion systems.

Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee since 1957, we service and repair coal, oil, gas, waste, and wood fired boilers. There isn’t a boiler type out there that we don’t have experience working on.We service the following boilers types:

Here’s a list of our steam boiler repair and pressure vessel repair capabilities. To arrange for boiler repair services, please call us at 919.832.1665.

Watertube, Firetube, Biomass, and Wood-Fired Boiler Repair Capabilities

  • ASME S stamp repair
  • National Board R stamp repair
  • Boiler Tube Repair
  • Tube Sheet Welding & Repair
  • Stay Rod (Bolt) Repair
  • Install new handholes in shell
  • Clean Fireside of Tubes
  • Turbine Tubes
  • B31.1 Power Piping
  • Fabricate New Casing
  • Repair Hots Spots in Casing
  • Valve Installation
  • Low Water Cutoff Installation
  • Troubleshoot Combustion
  • Repair Soot Blowers
  • Grates & Auger
  • Tube Bundle repair and testing
  • ASME Code Fabrication
  • Economizer repair
  • Heat Exchanger repair
  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Specialty Welding Procedures